Festival FAQs

Is JAWNAROO family-friendly?

Sure is!

This is not a BYOD (bring your own dog) event. But you may find yourself taking one home, if a pup from our favorite rescue catches your eye! Service dogs permitted.

What about dogs? 

What if it rains?

This is a rain or shine date. If the weather is crazy, we might have a rain date, but bands might not be able to commit.

You gonna charge me to park?

We will have PLENTY of free parking available.  We may have some premium spots that will cost a couple jawns, but completely optional!

Vendor FAQs

How do I register as a vendor for JAWNAROO?

Click "Reserve Booth" at the top of our page!

When does Vendor Registration open?

Soon! Get an email reminder by join our vendor mailing list and come hang with us on socials for more info!

Can I slip you a $20 and sneak a spot early?

Nope; but you can join our vendor mailing list. Those on the mailing list will have early access to vendor registration.

What CAN’T I sell at JAWNAROO?

We DO NOT allow the sale of weapons of any kind including guns (air rifles/guns included), knives, etc. Art and/or display swords, knives, and similar pieces are allowed.

How much do vendor spots cost? 

Vendor spots range from $99 to $189, with outdoor and covered options available. Check out the "Reserve Table" link for more info!

Can I purchase consecutive vendor spots?

Yes—you can rent an unlimited number of consecutive Outdoor Flea Jawn spaces. A Jawn in the Shade and Pro Jawn vendor spaces are limited to two consecutive spaces per vendor.

We do not offer refunds. But, you can give away your spot or sell your spot to another vendor. Just let us know!

I registered for the event, but now I can’t attend. Will you refund my fee?

…can I give my vendor space to a friend?

For sure! But, you have to let us know so we can communicate with your friend.

Ah! Them Jawns sold out—what am I to do?

Hit us up!  We may have some in reserve or can put you on a waitlist.

Does it cost money to attend this event?

No! Tell your friends and your friend's friends!

Will you advertise my business on your social media pages?

We're all about them socials, yo! Click the links at the bottom of our page and let's hang!

Should I advertise on my social media page?

Hells yeah! We keep our costs low because our vendors helps drive traffic to the event. Help us help you!