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This year, JAWNAROO is thrilled to give back to PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society). PAWS is Philadelphia’s largest rescue partner and dedicated to saving Philadelphia’s homeless and at-risk pets.

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PAWS provides affordable, basic veterinary care for pet owners and rescue organizations that cannot otherwise access it. Each year, they find homes for THOUSANDS of animals in need. JAWNAROO wants to be part of that mission.

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Introducing ‘BEST FRIEND BREW.’

Broken Goblet has brewed an extra-tasty beer with notes of tail wags, dog zoomies, kitten purrs, puppy kisses, belly rubs, and that feeling you get when your pet greets you at the door.

When you buy a can of BEST FRIEND BREW at JAWNAROO, 100% of the proceeds go to PAWS. That’s right, drink beer and help out our animal besties!

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Come out to JAWNAROO 2 at Broken Goblet on Saturday, September 30th to check out local artists, musicians, and support PAWS.

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