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Festival Conditions to Entry

JAWNAROO strives to create a safe, clean, comfortable and enjoyable environment for all guests. We are committed to providing excellent customer service from a courteous staff. As such, when attending the festival, guests are required to exhibit appropriate and safe behavior.

We want you to have FUN; but we also really like you and want to keep you SAFE. Checkout our festival rules, and ensure good times for all.

  • Don’t bring your own booze—try ours instead.

  • Only individuals 21 years old or older are permitted to consume alcohol.

  • We love pets, but they must stay home, except personal assistance animals.

  • Unless you’re jumping with excitement, keep both feet on the floor. Don’t climb on anything, including the stage.

  • Defacing property within the JAWNAROO grounds will result in prosecution.

This event is hosted by a private company; we reserve the right to remove guests from festival grounds for any reason.

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