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Included in your JAWNAROO 2 Booth:

Uncovered, outdoor 10' x 10' space on pavement and in front of the brewery.

Bring your own tent with weights (no stakes permitted), table, and chairs.

Booths do not

have electricity access.

Each booth includes one (1) sticker pack, and entrance for buyer (non-transferable ) to the JAWNAROO afterparty.

Event located in Bensalem Township, PA.


You can purchase a max of 2 consecutive booths.

A maximum of 2 businesses can vend out of the same booth (please send us your friend's info).

No food/beverage sales (including water) are permitted;

Sorry, but direct-sales product vendors (such as Origami Owl and Scentsy) are not permitted; artists and creators only.

2023 Vendor Booth

Excluding Sales Tax
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