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Why Jawnaroo?

JAWNAROO is an arts and music festival hosted by people who love to create, and who love to see their fellow creators succeed. The vision for JAWNAROO began a few years ago, when I began selling my art. I was invested in the idea of sharing my art with the masses, and I completely underestimated how tough it would be to create art and market my small business. You really have to put yourself out there, and there is a ton to learn! Along the way I met a bunch of awesome folks. We were all from different walks of life yet were heading toward the same destination—we were dedicated to sharing our art with the world, and wanted to have fun while doing it. I envisioned an event to help support the artist community and help all of us achieve our goals.


Ready to make my vision a reality, I knew this was not something I could achieve on my own. I reached out to two close friends that I hoped would join me on this journey. Christina and Christian loved my vision and this was the beginning of “JAWNAROO.”


We loved the idea of hosting an event that celebrated artists of all kinds. Seriously—all artists. Do you create fine works of art using oil paints on canvas? We love it! Do you create handmade jewelry? We love that! Produce an awesome album with your band? Create cool one-of-a kind costumes? Create gorgeous and delicious cookies? Create your own designs and screen print t-shirts? Do you combine your love of taxidermy and action figures into some radically funky pieces of art? We love all of it! And we want to support and celebrate YOU!


JAWNAROO was created with the goal of celebrating all artists; to provide a trusted platform for creatives to share their work with the public. The JAWNAROO Arts and Music Festival gives everyone the opportunity to build friendships and partnerships with other like-minded creatives. Each year, JAWNAROO will bring arts and entertainment to the community with an event that will be loved by the whole family. Moreover, each year we will spread love to our local community by supporting a local non-profit organization. It feels good to create art—and it feels great to help others. 


On the surface, JAWNAROO is an arts and music festival…but it is so much more. It’s about community, creatives, artists, charity, family, and friends. Come join us for a family-friendly event that you’ll never want to end, and you’ll never forget!



Josh Weichmann, Artist, Rose Bear Arts

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